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Welcome To Your Coffee EVI and Friends

Where friends meet!


Your locally owned South Tampa/Westshore area coffee house. Come learn about coffee’s history, while enjoying a great cup of coffee. We proudly serve Kahwa Coffee from St. Petersburg, FL and offer a wide range, from brew to french press, to espresso, cappuccino, lattes, and turkish coffee. We can serve it hot, cold, or frozen…any way you like.For the tea lover, Coffee EVI serves a variety of gourmet loose tea, organic and biodegradable. We also have a delicious Matcha tea latte (hot or frozen). Coffee EVI serves breakfast and lunch anytime of the day; as well as the quintessential pastry sweets that compliment coffee and tea.

The Coffee EVI and Friends Difference! 

We offer many healthy alternatives and unique choices. Our English muffins are flourless, sprouted oats; making a super healthy and low-glycemic bread choice for a delicious breakfast or lunch sandwich. We also serve Paleo Box gluten-free breads and deserts; as well as our now famous Protein Pancake and Protein Pancake Sandwich. We also now proudly use Cage-Free, natural feed eggs.

We also offer Almond Milk, along with Non-Fat Milk and Coconut Milk. Infact, by using our unsweetened vanilla Almond Milk we offer many completely sugar-free drinks that would normally have sugar from the milk.

Our Quality Partners 

A quality experience can not be accomplished without delivering a quality product. All of our products are fresh and of the highest standards. As a privately owned coffee house, we had many choices of coffee roasters and tea suppliers. For the importance of freshness with coffee beans, choosing a local roaster was paramount.   After much sampling and many over-caffeinated days, the choice was clear. Kahwa coffee roasting, located in St Petersburg, FL is a very important partner to Coffee EVI. Once you taste the coffee, you’ll see why!

For our tea we decided to partner with Mighty Leaf. They offer the most flavorful blends and the healthiest components, all served up in earth-friendly biodegradable bags. Quality, taste, and their packaging solutions make them a clear choice.

We are now proudly serving Paleo Box sliced bread and deserts. These wonderful additions are ALL gluten-free and made of natural, organic ingredients. Paleo Box is a local Tampa company that makes super delicious foods that follow the Paleo diet lifestyle. To learn more about the Paleo lifestyle and The Paleo Box company click here.

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